Household furniture

Furniture for kitchen

Kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house, where we spend a lot of time, so everything in the kitchen should be convenient and rationally.

Sliding wardrobes

The sliding wardrobes became widely used due to sliding doors. The sliding doors help considerably to space-saving of the room.

Furniture for children’s room

The children’s room is a fairy-tale world of your child – working office of a pupil or student.

Wall cabinet

The wall cabinet is the furniture, which should contain a lot of different elements for different kinds of things.

Furniture for bedrooms

In the bedroom, a person spends a third of his life, so the furniture in this room is very important.

The furniture for house is one of the most important attributes in a general interior of our home, so it is important that the furniture to be functional, reliable in operation, is made from environmentally friendly materials and emphasize your individual style.